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Saudi commentator “comes clean”: “The pro-ISIL are result of our complacency in confronting inciters”

A rare piece in the kingdom-based media: Muhammad Al al-Shaykh in the (of course) pro-monarchy, Arabic-language Al-Jazirah daily:

“Since the terrorism of Bin-Ladin and his so-called Jihad we have been moving from a form of bloody terrorism to another bloodier, more violent, and fiercer form terrorism until Al-Qa’idah terrorism ended up with the DA’ISH terrorism. The United States has created the ISIL as if it is saying “O inciters, your goods have been returned to your mosques.” As for us, we still insist that the security confrontation together with “counselling” are sufficient; we postpone the implementation of the death sentences of the few Al-Qa’idah members, and we avoid the direct cultural confrontation, I specifically mean “confronting the inciters” of the imitation Shaykhs, Friday preachers, and teachers of Koran-memorization rings. This is the fact directly and without manoeuvring or niceties, because the issue is an existential one, which -to put it in a nutshell -is “either we survive or they survive.” There is no common grounds whatsoever between them and us. Therefore, we have no option other than confrontation with courage, firmness, and decisiveness without taking into consideration the anger of this one or that one. This is because had not been for God’s grace, and the efforts of the security organizations and their patriotic heroic members, we now would have been like Iraq, which as soon as it finishes with a terrorist attack by an explosive belt, it faces the explosion of a booby-trapped car that claims the lives of hundreds of innocents. Now, here is the Islamized terrorism, its culture spreading and its crimes developing in a terrifying way because of our complacency in confronting it culturally, until it has reached the stage of killing the Muslims treacherously in God’s hous! es.

“We have kept silent while these inciting activist Islamic callers bestow the title “Shaykh” publicly and loudly on Bin-Ladin – as Muhammad al-Urayfi, for instance, has done – and implicitly indicate their reverence and respect for him. We have kept quiet as they draft and issue statements in their direct names inciting the youths to jihad in Iraq and Syria. The activists, who now claim to be against the pro-ISIL people, and denounced them and their deeds, are the ones, who have been inciting jihad, promoting the culture of Islamized “violence,” they are the ones who used to incite the youths to join the jihad in Iraq. By God, read the statement which was signed on 15 March 2003 by 32 activist Islamic callers inciting the enthusiastic Saudi youths to travel to Iraq for jihad there, despite the fact that these callers were not qualified “by Shari’ah” [the legislative part of religion as stipulated in the Koran and Hadith] to call for jihad. The statement with its text and signatories is on this Internet link:

“What is laughable or perhaps shameful is that among those who signed the statement then is the one called Salman al-Awdah, the well-known fluctuating Islamic caller, who appeared after the explosion of the emergency forces’ mosque on Muslim Brotherhood Al-Jazeera satellite channel, which has a suspicious attitude towards our country, denouncing the explosion of the emergency forces’ mosque in Abha, as if we have no memory, and are easily deceived and confused. O you lying inciter, is the ISIL anything other than the product of a terrorist culture that has been formed, created, and has established a state and Caliphate through the blood of our youths, who you have sent to perform jihad in Iraq? Moreover, had these lying callers been sincere, they would have been the ones -and not the naive youths -the first to travel to Iraq for jihad… [continued].”


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