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Quds Brigade leader announces/claims that rockets can now reach all of Palestine/Israel

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On August 11, the website of the Quds Brigades Al-I’lam al-Harbi [Military Media] carried the following exclusive report: “Prominent leader in the Quds Brigades and member of its military council Abu Mujahed stated that “the capabilities of the Quds Brigade have evolved and witnessed major transformation. Palpable and significant progress was also seen in the group’s performance on many levels. On the human level, training sessions were organized for the Mujahedeen in all military fields, in parallel to their religious and moral mobilization, so that the human factor becomes the main pillar of any military action… Moreover, the Brigades evolved at the level of their management of the battles, while benefitting from the previous experiences and mistakes, considering that the command organized specialized and important military sessions that focused on that aspect…”

“In exclusive statements to Al-I’lam al-Harbi, Abu Mujahed assured that progress was also seen in terms of the management and intensity of the firepower, adding that the Quds Brigades possessed rockets of all ranges. He thus stressed: “I can even say that the Brigades’ rockets can now reach all the cities of occupied Palestine, without neglecting security action, military intelligence and the technical and military industry developments among others… There are also many surprises which we do not need to tackle at this point and will remain a secret for the Brigades.” He added that the battle was not imposed on the resistance movements and that it was rather the resistance that imposed war on the occupation, in response to its tyranny, arrogance and the assassination policy adopted by the enemy during that stage…

“Prominent leader in the Quds Brigades Abu Mujahed then assured: “The words loss and defeat do not exist in the Brigades’ dictionary and that of our courageous resistance, because those fighting in the cause of Allah and Palestine can never lose…” He then concluded by addressing a message of pride and honor to the soldiers and Mujahedeen of the Quds Brigades, urging them to “uphold the deterrence power imposed on this battle and war, try to develop it, preserve the will of the martyrs and following in their footsteps along the path of Jihad and resistance, until the attainment of victory or martyrdom.” He also addressed another message to the struggling Palestinian people, in which he thanked them for their resilience and surrendered their fate to Allah the Almighty.

“He thus said at this level: “We call on you to rally around the option of resistance and Jihad, because it is the soundest and best option, although we know how difficult this road is and how high the sacrifices it requires. We are facing the enemy in your name. We are from among you, are your children and were raised at your hands. So may Allah bless you, your Jihad and your sacrifices, and with Allah’s will, victory will be the ally of the oppressed. Tomorrow, we will enter Al-Aqsa as conquerors and say Allahu Akbar, following the liberation of our land and sanctities from the desecration of this violating enemy. And this is no difficult task for Allah.””

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