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“Those who think security situation in Ain el Helweh might calm down…are wrong”

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On July 30, the independent, leftist As-Safir daily newspaper carried the following report by Mohammad Saleh: “Those who think that the security situation in Ain el Helweh might calm down or stabilize in the near future are wrong. The camp has turned into a place that is open to all possibilities in light of the deteriorating security status, the clashes, the assassinations and the killings between Fatah on one hand and the radical salafists on the other hand.

“Official Palestinian sources said that the situation in the largest diaspora camp resembles a ball of fire since the radical Islamists are working for a political project aimed at controlling the camp by gradually snatching it away through the use of weapons, assassinations and clashes thus paving the way for expelling Fatah, announcing a sort of a political platform and perhaps even reaching the stage of a princedom. The latest assassination of the commander of the “Chatila Martyrs faction,” Maj. Gen. Talal al-Urduni, in broad daylight and by four unmasked individuals who represent the active nerve of the “Salafist force” represents a direct message from the Islamists to the Fatah movement indicating: “The military command of the camp is now ours.”

“The Palestinian sources in Ain el Helweh indicated that Fatah received the message and understood its content very well. Fatah also responded and used a firm tone to inform all the Islamic and national factions in the camp that “the time for Fatah’s shying away, counting the dead, and biting fingers is now over. The movement will not organize any condolences before arresting the perpetrators and all the parties involved in Al-Urduni’s and a number of Fatah members’ assassination. There’s a long list topped by radical salafist, Bilal Badr, and four others.”

“The sources revealed that Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, told Al-Urduni’s wife when he called to pay his respects that he asked the Fatah leaders in the camp to arrest the four suspects and hand them over to the Lebanese judiciary. The sources also indicated that the Fatah movement has told everybody in the camp that it will no longer abide by any agreement, will not subject itself to any demands and will not have political relations with anyone unless the murderers are handed over to the Lebanese judiciary… The leaders of the Islamic and national factions were told that it [i.e. Fatah] considers any element of the Jund al-Sham as a wanted element and that these elements will be shot wherever they are unless they were to hand themselves over to the Lebanese judiciary “since we’re fed up and that’s it.” The sources stressed that the Al-Urduni’s assassination reduced the gap between Fatah – the Central Committee in Ain el Helweh and the Reform Movement led by Maj. Gen. Abdul Hamid Issa, aka El-Lino…”

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July 30, 2015 at 11:14 pm

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