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Israel’s YNet on Hezbollah 3.0 – littered with errors, thinks destroying Leb Army is a good idea a la Bremmer & fails to understand nearly EVERYONE is facing “most difficult moments in history”

Even for polemical pieces, basic sloppiness is embarrassing!,7340,L-4683471,00.html

“Wafik Safa, chief of Hezbollah’s foreign relations, conveyed filtered messages, most of which were only directed at the Lebanese public.”

— where did they come up with that title!

“This is only part of the picture. The journalists were not shown the many graves, scattered across southern Lebanon, of Hezbollah fighters killed in the battles in Syria. There was also no mention of the fact that the unrest against the organization is increasing in Lebanon, and in general, that Hezbollah is in one of the most difficult moments in its history.”

— This is the old failure of these many articles and analysis: lack of context… nearly everyone, and most of Hezbollah’s enemies are facing especially “difficult moments.” Hezbollah under the circumstances is managing exceptionally well one could argue (that is in terms of pure efficiency, not a moral claim of course).

“This price is beginning to evoke criticism within and around the organization. “Hezbollah is making a huge effort to silence authentic Shi’ite voices against the involvement in Syria,” says Shapira. The loudest speaker was Subhi al-Tufayli, the organization’s first secretary-general. Al-Tufayli announced that as far as he is concerned and according to his religious perception, whoever dies in battles in Syria is not a “shahid” (martyr), and will therefore not reach heaven. It’s difficult to underrate the power of this statement, which rocked the organization.

— Tufayli! If YNet considers him “authentic” shia voice… “within and around”… well… that’s embarrassing given Tufayli’s history!

Final point – at the end of the article the IDF makes it official more or less – the Lebanese Army is now CERTAINLY a main enemy combatant in the next Lebanon War.

Would Israel be this obtuse and take the main – Paul Bremmer like step – and destroy the LAF? And thus create another failing state on its borders!

Sadly, Israel’s involvement in Lebanon since 1969 has shown time and again that it ends up acting quite stupidly and creating worse monsters for it – and better fighters against it.


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July 26, 2015 at 1:15 pm

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