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.@haningdr (Anti-Hezbollah) An-Nahar columnist argues there is more than mere Hizb-Syria-Kuntar “fooling” going on with Druze

An interesting alternative take to Tony Badran’s (always) hardline approach today at NOW to think everything that “helps” hezbollah, iran or Syria is a conspiracy by them, somehow, and doesn’t have important roots in real dynamics on the ground. Translated today by ouráãÇÐÇ-ÊÓÇÚÏ-ÅÓÑÇÆíá-ÌÈåÉ-ÇáäÕÑÉ?id=247815

“…However, the action of the Israeli Druze to support their brothers in Syria sabotaged Israel’s plans, embarrassed Israel, provoked it, and forced it to make a difficult choice: Either to side by a major part of its population, or to proceed with providing support to those parties that the Israeli Druze see as enemies of theirs in order to preserve its security interests. It is not hard to predict Israel’s choice. Indeed, no matter how strong the “blood pact” with the Israeli Druze is, it is not more important than its security interests.”


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June 26, 2015 at 7:14 pm

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