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Al-Akhbar suggests that coming “Saudi-leaks” will name March 14 Lebanese who “beg” for Saudi dollars

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On June 25, Ibrahim al-Amin wrote the following piece in Al-Akhbar daily: “Interestingly, the political, academic and media figures of the March 14 team initiated an attack against Al-Akhbar and the leakers of the Saudi foreign ministry documents. These figures are not expressing their solidarity with their “colleagues” but they rather believe that they are carrying out a “preventive attack” so that, in case some documents pertaining to them were to be leaked, they would proclaim that these documents are fabricated and that the publisher, i.e. Al-Akhbar, has no credibility. This is the main concern of very few individuals out of a large Lebanese, Arab and international group of people who were low enough to beg for money from the Saudi regime in return for their loyalty and their annexation [to the regime].

“However, the Saudi regime itself is launching a silent, preventive attack… In the two cases of the money giver and the beggar, one must make the following notes: First, the March 14 team is trying to deal with the documents’ scandals as if they were a political matter. This team believes that it can fool the public by saying: we all get bribes; we get bribes from Saudi Arabia and others get them from Iran! These people know that they are now being laughed at by their own public while they were originally condemned by their adversaries. The upcoming phase will reveal that this kind of politicians, media and security people are nothing more than beggars and that they are lower than all traitors.

“Second: These people are disregarding the fact that the pettiness and lack of patriotism that they expressed through the documents of the American State Department do not mean a thing when compared to their humiliation when knocking at the Sultans’ door looking for a handful of dollars. Do these people realize that, after today, it would be hard for them to question anyone unless they prove that their questions are unpaid for?!

“Third: The spokesperson for the Saudi foreign ministry said that his country is investigating the electronic breach. He also added that some highly classified documents were not breached and he threatened the leakers with legal prosecution all over the world. Is this spokesperson actually telling us that the leaked documents are not important and that the important things are actually under a special protection program…?

“Fourth: The Saudi regime knows very well that any attempt at blocking documents or preventing their publication is a very difficult, complicated matter, and highly costly matter with no guarantees of an effective outcome. The Saudi regime also knows that these Arabic documents are now available for everybody to read and that the largest electronic search engines in the world are now offering this service openly…

“Fifth: The Saudi regime is overlooking the conclusion reached by the Americans: this is not a scandal…This story is rather connected to the idea that the WikiLeaks are primarily based on confronting the authorities’ data monopolization and hiding the real facts from the public…”


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June 25, 2015 at 10:06 pm

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