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Ad-Diyyar report says Ain el-Helweh moving quickly towards major meltdown, radical Islamists gaining – and HAMAS may be complicit

Translated today by our, in part:

“…The circles said that the Palestinian forces should have settled the situation of the groups which are toying with the security of the camp especially that these groups operate based on an external, hidden agenda and that their presence constitutes a threat to the people in the camp. Therefore, the expansion of these groups and their increased power will leave some serious repercussions on the security within the camp and even in the neighborhood.

“The circles added that, to make things worse, conflict has re-emerged between the two most representative parties of the Palestinian people: the Fatah movement and its ‘capital’ in Ramallah on the one hand, and the Hamas movement and its ‘capital’ in Gaza on the other hand. This conflict has started to float to surface of the Palestinian arena once again…

“Interestingly, according to the circles, the latest dispute [in Ain el-Helweh] is almost the very first one where Hamas’s name has been introduced whereby Fatah officials accused members of the Shabab Beit al-Muqaddas of being involved in the incident knowing that these members belong to Hamas. The latter rejected this accusation and denied the provision of any support to these groups…

“However, some parties see that, in light of the “Arab spring revolutions” in Egypt and the movement’s implication in the fights against the Syrian army, Hamas has sent a message by conducting a major change in its strategic and tactical alliances in favor of the Syrian Islamic factions that are part of the terrorist organizations. The circles believe that the current events likely represent a reflection of the disputes with the president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas…”


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June 22, 2015 at 8:02 pm

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