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Qatari owned quds arabi declares Nusra Front has crossed red lines; After meeting with FM, mood in Doha may be changing?

After our group of researchers met the Qatari Foreign Minister yesterday, and visited a number of figures in Doha, it seems quite possible indeed that there MAY – MAY – be a change in direction blowing in Qatar. Here below translated by our… Does this represent a real change? I think it may come, although it may need more time:


“…An-Nusra sent many previous political messages to the world, pointing to its adoption of a course differentiating it from the history of its mother organization Al-Qa’idah, raised the Syrian revolution flag in the Golan and conveyed the ability to understand key political priorities. Moreover, it allied with other Islamic organizations, unlike the Islamic State that eliminates any side that does not pledge allegiance or express absolute loyalty to it. But what it did in the Druze village and the sustainment of its allegiance to Al-Qa’idah terrorist organization keep it outside international and human legitimacy. An-Nusra Front is responsible for this crime and its political effects, which allowed Israel and the Syrian regime (and its Lebanese affiliates) to exploit the incident on the political and media levels to disfigure the struggle of the Syrians against their tyrannical regime. And it will be held accountable for that by the people…”


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June 12, 2015 at 8:14 pm

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