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Egyptian Muslim Brothers launch “fierce” attack on Tunisia’s Ennadha, Ghannouchi

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On June 10, the independent Az-Zaman newspaper carried the following report by its correspondent to Cairo Mustafa Amara: “Security sources assured Az-Zaman they acquired reliable information confirming the return of number two man in the Muslim Brotherhood Mahmoud Ezzat to Egypt, to lead the youth and manage the group’s financial resources. For their part, sources in the group revealed that the members of the standing committees in the MB formed an army of 5,000 Muslim Brotherhood members in the popular neighborhoods, in order to carry out explosions in the country before June 30. Moreover, 180 death squads were formed to kill the judges who issues death and life in prison sentences against a number of MB members. For their part, MB sources wondered why these alleged networks have not yet been arrested if the security bodies have already detected them…

“On the other hand, a new crisis erupted within the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, after the Egyptian MB launched a fierce attack against head of Ennahda Movement in Tunisia Rached Ghannouchi, against the backdrop of his constant criticisms of the way the MB managed the authority during the days of the deposed regime. Hence, leader in the coalition in support of the MB and head of the Fadila [Virtue] Party Mahmoud Fathi accused Ghannouchi on his Facebook page of having caused the defeat of the Tunisian revolution, in reference to the Islamic party’s loss of the last presidential elections in Tunisia and its attempt to thwart the MB plan in Egypt. He thus said that the leader of Ennahda wasted the Tunisian revolution and was trying to waste the Egyptian revolution…

“Muhammad Ramadan, one of the group’s young cadres, said in exclusive statements that Ghannouchi gave up on the Islamic movement to achieve personal gains when he agreed not to present an MB candidate to the Tunisian presidential elections, cooperated with new President Beji Caid Essebsi, who represents the secularist current according to him, and relinquished his Islamic background. Ramadan continued there was great anger within the MB bases in Egypt and a number of states, due to Ghannouchi’s cooperation with the new command in Tunisia and his repeated criticisms to the Egyptian MB on more than one occasion. For his part, Issam Talima, a Muslim Brotherhood cadre, discussed the details of the crisis between the group’s leaders, saying there were two opinions in the organization.

“The advocators of the first disappeared for a while, then surprisingly returned under the pretext of upholding the group’s peaceful course, while the other wanted to hijack the group and push it towards militarization. He added that peacefulness had tools that made it highly successful…, wondering nonetheless: What did this faction that suddenly returned to the media arena solely achieve?… He continued [in an article on a pro-MB website]: This failure on the peaceful level made the youth reject it and think it is useless and without value. So who is practically responsible for the youth’s relinquishing of peacefulness and their turning towards violence?…”


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