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Two Arab newspapers run same conclusion: In Israel & DC Hamas & Hezbollah are starting to look like necessary/useful evils; ruing the “good old days”

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On June 8, the Ad-Diyyar daily newspaper carried the following report by Ibrahin Nassereddine: “You should thank God for having Hezbollah in Lebanon since it constitutes a powerful obstacle to the entry of the terrorist groups coming from the Syrian lands.” This is what a prominent American staff at the American embassy in Beirut said to a group of March 14 leaders including prominent officials from the Future movement. Of course, these were stunned when they heard these words from the prominent American figure. They left the meeting with the naïve impression that Washington is now viewing the crises in the region with Iranian “eyes.” Otherwise, who else could these words be interpreted and is their another approach for the subject?

and Saudi’s Asharq al Awsat:

“…In Israel, a prominent military source said yesterday that the objective behind the firing of the latest rockets from the Gaza territory consists of starting a fire between Israel and Hamas. He added that the radical organization that admitted having fired the rockets expects Israel to attack Hamas thus achieving its own aspirations. Thus, the situation seems quite complicated. On the one hand, “we want Hamas to be a weak and minor group. But on the other hand, we want it to be strong enough to abort all the terrorist operations and to prevent rockets from being fired against Israel…””

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