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Lebanese daily talks about Druze concern over ISIS advance; asks what will Israeli Druze do? Creat Israel “security pocket”

In today’s Daily Briefing, translated… an important story circulating:

On June 5, the Ad-Diyyar daily newspaper carried the following report by Radwan al-Thib: “The field developments in Syria, namely the fall of Palmyra, placed the mostly Druze Suweida governorate along two demarcation lines with An-Nusra front from the Deraa side and ISIL from the Palmyra desert side. Despite the secret pieces of information indicating that the Deraa front will be calm as a result of two meetings between the Suweida and Deraa prominent figures, ISIL’s control over the Palmyra desert and it reaching Al-Hakaf, a town that is 50 kilometers away from Suweida, flipped things over…

“ISIL leaders sent messages indicating that the next war will target Suweida… These developments induced a general state of concern among the Druze in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan. On the positive side, this situation brought all the Druze together especially since, historically, the Druze have always united to confront danger…

“The takfiri ISIL movement sent warnings to the Druze of Suweida as part of a psychological war. ISIL reached the borders of Suweida from several directions after the deployment of the group in the desert and it being able to move freely. The group sent military reinforcements from Palmyra to its desert all the way to the eastern suburbs of the Suweida governorate in the southern part of Syria in bracing for attacking Al-Hakaf, dividing Jabal al-Arab and severing the provision and communication lines between the Druze villages. The town of Al-Hakaf is directly connected to the Syrian desert from the Syrian east all the way to the south west…

“The available pieces of information indicating that, through its attempts at controlling Suweida’s eastern suburbs first, ISIL is working on opening a passage towards East Jordan knowing that Al-Hakaf is 50 kilometers away from Suweida and it is the farthest town on the outskirts of the arid desert…

“In order to confront that, available pieces of information indicated that Druze clerics from Syria…have been taking measures as they held a meeting in Deir al-Zaman in Suweida, where they insisted on shielding the land and the dignities… But the interesting and noteworthy part is that there are some Druze voices in Jabal al-Arab accusing the Syrian regime of failing to supply the young people of Jabal al-Arab with heavy weapons.

“This news reached the Druze of Lebanon. A large number of Druze sheikhs from Lebanon met with MP Talal Erslan, informed him of the situation, and asked him to bear his responsibilities since Erslan has good relations with the Syrian leadership. According to the available pieces of information, Erslan told the Sheikhs that this news is incorrect. He further stressed on the presence of military reinforcements for the Syrian army and plans that have been put in place but that cannot be “divulged” to the media.

“On the other hand, pieces of information indicated that MP Walid Jumblatt dispatched Minister Wael Abu Faour to Jordan and Turkey in order to discuss the developments. Other pieces of information also indicated that Druze figures from Jabal al-Arab have met with officials from the Russian embassy in Damascus in addition to official from the Iranian embassy in order to discuss the developments with them.

“Meanwhile, the Druze in the Occupied Palestine have reportedly been engaged in a massive movement. The Druze communication commission in Occupied Palestine issued a statement asking the head of the sect in Occupied Palestine, Sheikh Muwaffak Zarif, to act and supply the Syrian Druze with help. They also called on the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad to ask the Syrian army to repel any ISIL attack against Suweida. Their statement also indicated that the Druze men of Occupied Palestine and the Golan will leap over the barbwire and the borders to defend the Syrian Druze. Unconfirmed pieces of information indicated that a Druze delegation from Occupied Palestine visited the American embassy and asked that the Alliance’s jets bombard ISIL in the Palmyra desert.

“According to well-informed Druze sources, there’s a fear that, in the event that ISIL was to progress in Jabal al-Arab, people there will be calling for protection… Thus, there’s a fear that the project of partitioning Syria is real and that this project will be launched from these areas where Israel is supporting the Takfiri groups especially since these are highly sensitive regions. Israel could be working on a strategy to establish an Israeli pocket there thus separating the borders of the Occupied Palestine from Syria through this pocket…”


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