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Another pro-regime daily – this time from Damascus – asks where the heck is Russia!/”Whispers” about needing direct air support

Indeed – a relatively new development in pro-resistance axis media… i do think it is one signal of where matters are heading. Interesting that the end point of the piece is to “whisper” for direct Russian air strikes and air support – not a good sign!

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On May 30, the pro-Syrian regime Al-Watan daily newspaper carried the following piece by Anwar Raja: “The latest field developments – in Idleb, Al-Shoghour Bridge, Ariha, and Palmyra – pushed me to write this piece with the hope that, through the right channels, it will reach the decision makers in Moscow. I believe that what I am about to write represents the majority of the Syrians who are fighting ISIL, Al-Qa’idah and all the terrorist components on behalf of the entire human race and who are paying a hefty price for their resistance to the political orders that the American Administration and its European allies are trying to impose through ISIL and its likes.

“No one is denying the fact that the Russian diplomacy has played a major part in aborting the American and western efforts to come up with devastating resolutions concerning Syria under Chapter Seven at the Security Council. Russia has certainly kept its commitments concerning the armament deals, which is something worthy of respect and praise. However, when we talk about Russia’s understanding of the nature of the international assault against Syria and the means of field support that could maintain [Russia’s] role in the region in the face of the alienation projects that the USA is implementing through its absolute support of the armed terrorist groups via the Gulf and Zionist mediators, then the following question is raised: Will the Russian leadership settle for mere diplomatic pressure and condemnation statements in the face of the attempts at modifying the political map in North and Middle Syria thus creating something similar to a buffer zone?!

“The war of attrition that America and its agents are launching against Syria and its people, and the attempts at expanding the war will not break the [Syrian] state’s back and will not push it at modifying its alliances, positions, and convictions. This fact must serve as a motive to develop the Russian position in a way that Russia steps out of the circle of monitoring the field situation and into the circle of action, a circle that is relatively equivalent of Russia’s role, weight, and right to practice its convictions in confronting terrorism.

“In this context, the equation is not a complicated one and it is one that does not clash with the rules of the international game whereby which America allowed itself the right of forming an international counter-terrorism alliance in Syria and Iraq… Why can’t Russia do the same and form its own international alliance or pressure to re-structure the [US led] international alliance in a way to become an active part of this group with the aim of confronting ISIL’s expansion?!

“Russia has a military presence and privileges along the Syrian shores. It is the only entity that has a cover from the Syrian state if it was to interfere to preserve its own interests. Thus, Russia would be creating for itself a deeply rooted alliance and an unshakable international position between the Crimea Peninsula and Tartous, a first step in a wider role.

“It is time for the Russian bear to become agile and for the Russian satellites to do more than just monitor ISIL’s moves and archive then. There’s one important thing that one must say: All the above doesn’t mean that anyone is thinking about asking for the support of the Russian ground forces. However, we are whispering in the ear of our Russian friends and telling them…: Has Russia even tried to intervene against ISIL by air now that the threat is increasing and has anyone tried to stop it!?”


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June 2, 2015 at 1:10 am

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