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Echoing Nasrallah, Akhbar’s Ibrahim al-Amine talks in climactic language of the next stage of battle… end of tolerence

Years ago many of us thought that a “final,” “climactic” battle with Israel would wreck enormous change in the region, including spawning groups and movements like ISIS et al and immense destruction.

That war may yet come, but it will be an addition now to the sectarian war which has now grown dominant and uncontainable (it seems) as a result of the obtuse militerazation of the Syria conflict very early on in the uprising (of course some argue it was not militeraized enough – a reckless “fantasy” – but the main (though not exclusive) problem was militerazation of Syria at all.

Ibrahim sounding the “final” alarm (translated today by our

“…Anyone who believes in the existence of a third option, let them go there and show us if it works.
“In the era of determination, things will be crystal clear. Many of the traditional tolerance meanings will be lost…

“…We will not proceed with the game of silence in the name of national responsibility, coexistence, and nostalgia to the old times. We will be firmer in dealing with them in the ways that suit them as filthy agents to be rejected by the hot winds towards their dark fate….”


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