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As expected, Saudi author writes in monarchy media that Iran – NOT ISIS – was behind recent terrorist bombing

[To clarify… I only posted the reference here to the earlier Dalwa shooting…. but all these acts and the latest one are subscribed to Iranian intel]

Translated today by our

“…And when the Dalwa crime was perpetrated and claimed the lives of innocent Shi’is, I was absolutely certain that Iran was standing behind this act, even if it was carried out by purely Sunni hands. Iran is very patient when it comes to such terrorist practices, knowing that it is through them that it was able to control Iraq. Indeed, it would detonate Shi’i shrines and cause the Shi’is to accuse the Sunnis, then destroy Sunni villages and cause the Sunnis to accuse the Shi’is. And with their cunningness, the Iranian intelligence bodies were able to use these practices to convince the world that what was happening in Iraq was a sectarian war….”


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May 27, 2015 at 3:11 am

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