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The reappearance of Future movement’s Okab Sakr

Translated tonight by our From the anti-Future movement Ad-Diyyar.

Interesting take on the forcefulness of Saad Hariri in the recent period, as seemingly “activated” by the Saudis.

The level of public hubris on all sides – including Hizbullah – is simply growing by the day.

“…The sources added that Al-Hariri is not the only one to be at work here since there is also the so-called “Future Shi’is” in an attempt at implying that the attack against Hezbollah is coming from the heart of its nurturing environment… This is perhaps the reason that explains why the “hidden” MP, Okab Sakr, has now re-emerged following a long absence…


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May 11, 2015 at 9:49 pm

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