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Fourth assassination of Hizbullah-linked cadres in Palestinian camps: “Has the operation to liquidate Hezbollah in Ain el Helweh started?”

This article, translated in our Daily Briefing (for a free trial email, in regards to the killing of Mujahed Balous, with the provocative Naher headline: “Has the operation to liquidate Hezbollah in Ain el Helweh started?”åá-ÈÏÃÊ-ÚãáíÉ-ÊÕÝíÉ-æÌæÏ-ÍÒÈ-Çááå-Ýí-Úíä-ÇáÍáæÉ?id=234488

“…Beyond all the above considerations, there’s one single consideration that constitutes a source of apprehension for the parties concerned with the camp: the fear that some specific parties and sides could be working on annexing the Palestinian arena to the flared up Arab arenas based on the heated regional calculations. Thus, there’re fear that the repeated [assassinations] in Ain el Helweh could constitute an attempt at purposefully shoving the Palestinian diaspora in Lebanon into the fire of the regional confrontation…

“These meetings are usually concluded with promises made by the Palestinian side to be firm and steady. However, the sad response comes through the news about yet another assassination followed by a new dash in the mazes of the investigation in search of the perpetrators and the inciters. A promise is a promise but the perpetrators remain at large although they are known to everyone. Moreover, their places of residence are even known.”


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