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Extremists increasingly assaulting old-timer extremists: ISIS fellow travelers take on HAMAS in unprecedented manner

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Translated from Al-Akhbar…. Imagine the days that are here where the old time “extremist groups” – hamas, IJ, hizbullah etc – are looking like reactionary, conservative and also pragmatic formations that need to be engaged and possibly even allied with (as is happening for better or worse in lebanon):

On May 4, the Al-Akhbar daily newspaper carried the following report by Hani Ibrahim: “It seems that the genie has left the bottle in Gaza. While hairdressers and CD shops used to constitute the Salafist Jihadists’ simple targets, the public confrontation with Hamas has now turned into the number one objective following a relative calm in light of the firm security grip. Yesterday at dawn, a strong explosion occurred in Gaza… A bomb had targeted a security point in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in the north western part of the city leaving some major damages there. For the first time ever, a statement was issued under the name of the “Islamic State Supporters in Bayt al-Muqaddas” with none of the grammatical mistakes that usually characterized the previous statements that were usually carried through the social communication networks.

“The statement read that the group is giving “Hamas and its affiliated security apparatuses 72 hours starting from the hour of the issuing of the statement to release all the Salafist prisoners. If they fail to abide, then all the options are open in order to respond to them.” The group added: “We call on our soldiers to work on the determined targets following the elapse of the deadline…”

“The statement is not believed to be true only because of the way it was written. Al-Akhbar learned that the Hamas affiliated security services are launching a wide campaign of arrests against cadres and members who are suspected of supporting ISIL… A security source said that A.K has been arrested from the Al-Shate’ Camp. He is the son of one faction leader who was martyred during the second intifada but is suspected in being implicated in the latest bombing.

“Two weeks ago, Gaza had seen a series of bombings around the house of the Authority’s Head, Mahmoud Abbas, which has recently turned into the headquarters of the Palestinian government; in the vicinity of the UNRWA’s headquarters; and around the Public Prosecutor’s bureau. All these are vital locations. According to the same security source, 35 individuals who support these groups have been arrested in the past two days… In the same context, the security services in Gaza recently shut down a mosque called Al-Mutahabboun, that was used by the ISIL supporters…

“Another security source that spoke to Al-Akhbar said that the campaign is targeting all the cities of the territory. He added that “an active member of the Salafist groups has been arrested in Rafah (in the South). The man had worked on planting a bomb in a security point and nearly killed five members of the field control unit, which is affiliated to the Al-Qassam Brigades” in the city. The source insisted that “a clear decision has been taken by the leadership of the security services to chase down all the suspicious elements on eh backdrop of their affiliation to the Salafist groups…””

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