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Khatib in As-Safir: Lebanese are worried and the window is now open for changing regimes

Mounir al-Khatib has this interesting paragraph, translated by our today in full in the Daily Briefing:

“…To say that the extremists and Israel are closely collaborating is fiction; but not to admit that their interests intersect is stupid. The war on Syria has reached extreme levels of violence. The Iranian-American agreement is undoubtedly paving the way for a new regional security system, which could impose a state of long term instability during which the power balances or the countries’ borders will not be changing. The window is now open for changing regimes…

“It’s only natural for the Lebanese people to worry. The Levant means the land extending from the Sea to the borders of the Gulf. What started in Mosul and Reqqa, could extend to Saida, Tyr, and Jounieh. This is not about the presence of a nurturing environment. The events in Syria and Iraq confirm that from Senjar to Maaloula. There have been coups and betrayals within the army but they were not enough. The collapse was made possible through the solid blocs of well-trained terrorists who are capable of terrorizing the loose, unprotected extremities all the way to the rest of the cities.

“Lebanon will not be protected from all this, even if it self-distances to the end of time. No one expects the Lebanese front to succeed, or to resist ISIL and An-Nusra on its own. All the Lebanese, including the Muslims and the Christians, will not be able to halt An-Nusra’s march if Syria was to fall… The enemy is at the door. This is an existential enemy, one who wouldn’t accept any settlements… The Lebanese are afraid. The battle is still in and against Syria. The only thing we can do is pray for the bad guys to die since we have not and will not be thinking about self-defense and since we are still trying to define what terrorism is and who brought it to Lebanon.”


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May 4, 2015 at 5:00 pm

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