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MB leader in Jordan “whispers” to the PM that if targeting of Brotherhood continues, youth forced to ISIS & on to Quds

Translated today by our (for a free trial email With ISIS et al clearly gaining, how does it make sense that Brotherhood networks (not to mention non-religious based movements for more rights and say) are being so widely suppressed? It might make sense from the autocrat perspective, and perhaps for some citizens as well fearful of the Brotherhood’s perceived overreaches etc of the last few years…. But within the context of ISIS and radicals gaining, it seems like exactly the wrong approach, as is suggested below.


On April 30, the Qatari-owned Al-Quds al-Arabi daily carried the following report by its Amman office Chief Bassam Bdareen: “The orphan meeting held a few weeks ago between the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood leadership and Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour witnessed a purposeful “sentence” whispered by the first to the second before the end of the meeting, which was held under the banner of the controversy surrounding the licensing of the group. Ensour found it very difficult to take in the expression whispered by Sheikh Hammam Sa’id as he said: “I hope Your Excellency that the government will pay attention to a very important point. The insistence on targeting and dismantling the Muslim Brotherhood institutions will mean seeing hundreds, if not thousands of Muslim youth in occupied Jerusalem.”

“This sentence appeared to be out of context and completely unexpected, as the language used by the elite factions rejecting the clash with the MB tends to warn against the MB youth’s siding with the various areas of extremism and religious fundamentalism in the region. But by whispering this expression, Sheikh Sa’id purposefully and intelligently led the issue back to the Palestinian cause, implicitly hinting to the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood institutions have actually played and are still playing a role of containment on the popular level. Tactically, the MB leaders are abstaining from using the extremism card, pointing nonetheless to the fact that the greatest possible outcome in case the MB continues to be targeted might be the wish to liberate Jerusalem and engage in a clash at the level of the Palestinian cause…

“Practically, Prime Minister Ensour did not comment on this ambiguous message, which implies that the MB allowed the state to sign the Wadi Araba accord and understands the interests of the state, its capabilities and powers, even Jordan’s regional role. According to a governmental source, this purposeful whisper did not aim to intimidate or threaten [the government], rather to point to the symbolism, dimensions and backdrop of Hammam Sa’id presence at the head of the MB, but also to recall the laws and rules of the partnership and integration game that governed the relationship between the regime in Jordan and the MB group throughout the past decades… Digging deep into this partial scene practically undermines the pretext used against the MB and saying it is outside the context of the Jordanization of the programs and priorities.

“Indeed, it reveals that the MB is playing a positive role in containing the calls to focus on the Palestinian cause, as the central cause of all the components of Jordanian society. Hence, Sheikh Sa’id’s whisper sheds light once again on the purpose and benefits of maintaining a distance between the Palestinian cause and the Jordanian street, as opposed to the narrow and classical vision of the MB’s relationship with the Palestinian cause in general and Hamas in particular, one which features “accusations” of foreign affiliation made to the group by those who have seceded from it under the leadership of Sheikh Abdul Majid Thuneibat… Sheikh Sa’id’s whisper reveals that the priority of the Islamic and MB youth in case the government were to actually the organization, would be to head to Jerusalem and not to Jihad in Syria and Iraq, or even in Jordan…”


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April 30, 2015 at 4:49 pm

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