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Mokhtar Belmokhtar, leader of Algerian insurgency-terror network, is thought dead, listed as missing

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“On April 19, the daily El-Watan said: “Intelligence services in three countries think Mokhtar Belmokhtar, the instigator of the hostage situation in Tinguentourine in January 2013, is dead; but the most wanted North African jihadist leader is “a missing person” for the time being due to lack of evidence. While rumours of his death – by poison – have been circulating for the last few weeks, Algerian, Malian and Niger’s intelligence services have classified Belmokhtar as “missing”. “We have strong assumptions about his death but we cannot confirm it until we see the corpse or at least obtain three testimonials that corroborate the facts,” a military source explained. “For us a terrorist is either ‘gunned down’, or ‘alive and wanted’ or ‘missing’.” What are the doubts over the Algerian jihadist’s death? “Even if we don’t know where a terrorist is, there are always testimonials from his entourage saying they saw him at some point. In this case, no member of the Barabiche tribes has flagged him since mid-March,” the source added…” [read on at]


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