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One reason why the Iran deal wont be delivering a decisive financial stimulus to regional proxies

Translated this evening – an interesting argument:

On April 8, the Al-Jomhuriya daily newspaper carried the following piece by Charles Jabbour: “…When Tehran will be signing the final agreement by the end of June, it will be signing the end of its dream, project, and goal of producing a nuclear bomb… As for the concerns that Tehran will be benefiting from the lifting of the sanctions in order to enhance the power of its militias deployed from Sanaa to Beirut as well as Damascus and Baghdad, these concerns are legitimate. However, these concerns are pointless because Tehran has used up all its capacities of investment in its militias. This is the most that it can obtain, which is by the way too little. Can any extra billions settle the situation in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen in favor of Iran? Of course not…”

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April 9, 2015 at 12:44 am

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