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Open and (recently) “unprecedented” Hezbollah non-violent activity near Blue Line raising Israeli ire

Although many friends have been talking about some “unprecedented” behavior by Hezbollah in the south – all accurately described in this Israeli article it seems – the issue is finally rising to the surface as a potential area of concern:

“Hezbollah terrorists stroll along the border openly filming patrols, have taken Shi’ite towns, experts say – and a war will cost billions”

What is interesting and useful in this piece is:

1) Acknowledgement in Israel that “The Next War” TNW – will have HUGE military and economic costs on BOTH sides… it is NOT just a matter of making Lebanon a parking lot.

2) The Israelis seem perplexed as to why Hezbollah is “Acting out” in this manner at the border where “everyone has an interest” in keeping it relatively calm.

3) There is a frank acknowledgement that in TNW tunnels are not really needed by Hezbollah to execute significant operations in the Galilee.


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March 24, 2015 at 7:28 pm

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