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TRANSLATED: Report on the leaking of footage showing Israeli-Nusrah-FSA coordination/contacts

On March 3, the independent Al-Jarida newspaper carried the following report by its correspondent in Jerusalem: “Al-Jarida has learned that last month, the Israeli authorities arrested liberated detainee Sodqi al-Maqt and arrested yesterday liberated detainee Fida’ ash-Shaer and Atef Darwich, all from the Golan, and accused them of coordinating with Hezbollah to open the “Golan front” and of leaking information and pictures described as being sensitive to the party and the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Al-Jarida was able to break through the military censorship and acquire information about the accusations made against the detainees, although the army issued an order preventing the publication of whichever reports surrounding the arrest of Al-Maqt before March 15, and issued an order yesterday preventing the publication of reports on the arrest of Ash-Shaer and Darwich.

“A knowledgeable source thus told Al-Jarida that Israel arrested Al-Maqt after the Syrian “Al-Ikhbariya” television channel carried pictures showing Israeli military vehicles and ambulances carrying elements believed to be from An-Nusra Front and the Free Army inside Israel. The source indicated that Israel was interrogating Al-Maqt, Ash-Shaer and Darwich, on charges of being behind the leaking of these pictures that were described as being “sensitive,” and exposed the link between Israel and Syrian groups, some of which are extremists. Israel accused this network of providing Hezbollah and Al-Assad’s regime with information about the military movements in the Golan, along with sensitive information about a confidential visit by Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon to an Israeli army position following the “Shaba’a attack.””


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