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TRANSLATED: Hezbollah is already spearheading coordination between Leb army and Syria army i.e. fact on the ground

These coming weeks and months look to be especially bad along the whole border line of Lebanon and syria… and quite possible also along the border with Israel if some sides have their way.

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On February 27, the independent Al-Rai al-Aam daily newspaper carried the following report: “The echo of the upcoming battle in Syrian Qalaoun and the adjacent Lebanese Ersal barren areas is being heard throughout North Bekaa. Logistical and military preparations are taking place in addition to major preparations by the Hezbollah public and environment to support the Party if need be. All signs indicate that a wide battle will be taking place for sure in the barren areas of Ersal, Kaa, and Ras Baalbek in addition to the barren areas of Qalamoun…

“The Bekaa is “boiling” on a high temperature unlike the cold weather there. All eyes are focused on the armed groups that are deployed within dispersed geographical regions occupying an area of more than fifty kilometers along the Syrian borders. These regions represent a major source of concern for the Lebanese army, Hezbollah and the people of North Bekaa who now feel a threat against their lives more than any time in the past. This comes in light of pieces of information indicating that these groups are planning a military operation against the Lebanese border towns in order to break the pressure created by the Syrian regime and Hezbollah…

“Numbers of Hezbollah fighters in the Bekaa villages and towns that are “administratively” and religiously affiliated to the Party were placed in the mood of the battle a short while ago. Pieces of news have been recently circulating indicating that the Party’s leadership issued a special circular addressing these fighters mainly in the area of Bekaa-Hermel asking them to brace for defending their villages. This came in light of pieces of information indicating that the Free Syrian Army, An-Nusra Front and ISIL are making massive military preparations to attack a number of areas affiliated to Party starting from the Ersal barren areas all the way to Ras Baalbek and Kaa.

“In addition, a large number of Bekaa youths were invited to join the Hezbollah training centers in order to prepare for the upcoming days. Although the people of these towns failed to either confirm or refute these pieces of information, they are in a constant state of alert and willing to take part in any battle that Hezbollah might ask them to fight.

“…But what about the borders and the preparations inside the Lebanese arena for this battle? And what will be the role of the Lebanese army? The available pieces of information indicate that the army is ready to respond to any attempt carried out by the fighters to infiltrate the Lebanese borders. The majority of the weapons received by the army recently including the canons and ammunition have been used to enhance the fronts where the army is deployed in the Bekaa…

“Concerning Nasrallah’s call for coordination between the Lebanese and Syrian armies in order to confront terrorism, intersecting pieces of information indicate that Hezbollah is running the field coordination most of the time between the Lebanese and Syrian armies via an operation room on the field run by the Party in coordination and cooperation between the two sides. The jets of the Syrian regime played a role in the last battle that occurred in the Ras Baalbek barren areas where the Lebanese army lost five troops. Indeed, the Syrian jets launched several raids against the armed groups thus killing large numbers and forcing others to pull out…”


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