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Live blogging: Nasrallah speech on tri-martyr day for Hezbollah

Just some brief notes… from Press TV’s live feed, in translation by Ali Rizk:

“…On the other side of the eastern mountain range we have ISIS and Nusrah – ISIS stretches between Libya to Arsal outskirts [and beyond]. When the snow melts something should happen. The state and people must make their decisions… How will we deal with this threat and this danger. We need a stance. We can easily defeat these groups but it needs a decision and a national will…”

Key decision nearing: coordinating with Assad. Nasrallah urged that the time for decision-making is fast approaching, by which he means, the army, people, Hezbollah and the Syrian Army have to coordinate, unite and fight in concert… i.e. with the full backing of the national unity government.

Now there is no fate of a country decided in a country – this region has been shaken upside down…. and he who wants to decide the fate of Lebanon must be present in the fate of the region. He who is absent [or disassociated] from the fate of the region, he cannot do anything at all. Is this right? Indeed, perhaps the fate of the world is decided in the region!

March 14’s “disassociation” policy was never realistic and is especially obtuse now. Nasrallah adeptly parried the cart/horse argument of so many years here, and said no matter we thought and argued about previously, you cannot disassociate Lebanon from the region. Period. We Hezbollah – he said -always thought this anyway, but now it is OBVIOUS that Lebanon has to be an active actor in the region in order to protect itself and control its own fate. This means, he is saying, the Baabda Declaration and all the criticisms of Hezbollah in Syria are null and void since, in his view, it is obvious…. if Lebanon waits this regional storm out, it will get swept away. This addresses the logic on the “street” and among some M14 intellectuals/leaders/cadres that says, if hezbollah had kept out of Syria, and then ISIS gathered anyway (a key assumption he is making but one which seems reasonable to many here I would think…) and moved towards lebanon, well then all Lebanese would unite and defend the country. Nasrallah is essentially saying that this was a huge wager and risk… better to pre-empt… and can any of us really trust in a united Lebanon front in the event of ISIS coming, he asks? Many, especially Hezbollah supporters, have little confidence that such a brave, patriotic unity would have formed, and would have been effective enough, given the regional and international agendas and long history of meddling.

— Nasrallah says only Israel in the region seems totally unconcerned and threatened  by ISIS and Nusrah, as evidenced, he asserted, by recent comments from Israeli officials.

— Nasrallah warns Saudi Arabia…. the REAL goal, the end goal, is Mecca and Medina. Baghdadi has appointed an emir for both, not Jerusalem. This is the battle we are heading too.

— Nasrallah makes fun of the Libyan ISIS killers who executed the copts – saying they say their goal is rome… Rome! Not jerusalem or mecca but Rome…. what is wrong with these people?

— Conspiracy theories – Nasrallah warns against conspiracy theories and therefore says, yes, beware but it is time to LOOK… to ponder the role of mossad, CIA and british intel… who is benefiting from events?

— At the same time, Nasrallah says Italy now must ponder sending military forces 350 km to defend against terrorism… while in lebanon they are right here and there is a questioning of what to do with this true danger.


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