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Live blogging 2: Nasrallah speech on tri-martyr day for Hezbollah

Nasrallah says that the ISIS brutality is no so far from Hollywood and its productions.

We can defeat this threat – Nasrallah says that for Muslims, the war against Isis-nusrah-takfiris is a war for Islam.

We are proud to say we are a part of this battle against the takfiris… we are NOT defending shias or sunnis… we are defending the religion of Mohammad. Our giving is limitless, our patience will be limitless…our readiness to go to the end will be limitless. Just as our Imam Hussein demonstrated. I said we are doing this but all muslims are called upon to defend their religion. It does not have to be with weapons. Nothing like ISIS has happened before in our history.

Nasrallah praises political process in Iraq and the cross-sectarian cooperation he says is working and yielding results… it is a model.

Nasrallah says for those of you calling on us to withdraw FROM Syria I call on you to go TO Syria.

Let us go anywhere that we can confront this threat – this is the way superpowers of the world behave, the way strong armies of the world behave. I wont take you to Ukraine. Therefore I say let us talk about our approaches, no one should be afraid that if it ends in Syria, then there should be a fear here… that is an outdated issue.

Nasrallah calls for coordination between LAF and Syrian Army and gov-gov coordination.



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