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TRANSLATED: Safir reports major military moves in S. Syria-Golan-Israel/Nusrah+Rebels/Jord. Intel v. Hizb-Iran-Syra

As expected – this, I would argue, will be the major developing story in the coming weeks and beyond. What a wonderful arena for 1) Jordanian establishment and royal family to hurt ISIS by aligning stronger with its enemy, rebels+Nusrah/al-Qaeda, 2) Israel to inflict pain on Hizb et al and to “constrain their operational space,” 3) Some arab states and turkey to hurt Bashar etc al and 4) For putting greater pressure on lebanon’s internal stability (for those that see benefit from that action) and 5) helping – perhaps – lend a nice hand to Netanyahu ahead of elections and 6) …. creating a mini conflict (never easy to contain mind you but…) that puts pressure on the Iranian-US rapprochement.


On February 9, the independent, leftist As-Safir daily newspaper carried the following report: “Most probably, statement number 2 is currently being written by the Resistance and the Syrian Army. Within the past few hours, the Syrian army, Hezbollah and Iranian volunteers launched a wide military operation in the southern front. This operation could constitute the preface for the counter-attack that the Syrian army has been preparing for months in order to infiltrate areas that were seized by the alliance formed by Israel, some factions of the armed Syrian opposition, An-Nusra Front, and the Jordanian intelligence services.

“The counter-attack carried out by the Syria, Lebanese, Iranian triangle in Rif Quneitra is at the heart of the statement number 2. Without that, one cannot correctly view the assassination of the Hezbollah and Jerusalem Battalion martyrs in Mazraat al-Amal, an assassination carried out by the Israeli enemy in the context of the war on the southern Syrian front…”



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