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TRANSLATED: Critical commentary in Jordan says anti-democratic, corrupt, sectarian nat. leaders unfit to lead against ISIS

An excellent piece of insight and criticism translated in today’s daily Briefing by (free trial via

Not the sort of commentary one is seeing in most of the English language media.

On February 8, the Amman Net website carried the following piece by Mahmoud Mounir: “The worst thing that the Jordanians and all the Arabs in general could be subjected to is to be forced to choose between having their patriotic dignity hurt by an Authority that has failed to achieve justice and development or a bloody and obscure organization. When our emotions calm down, we will discover that we don’t actually have the power to make a choice at all.

“The security services are investing in the honest emotions of many of us. All the media mobilization a month prior to the assassination of martyr Moaz al-Kasasbeh, served to mobilize some agitated people who lack information and the freedom of thought. The aim was to push these people to the highest levels of tension. Thus, at the minute when these people receive the shocking news, they would be incapacitated and walking behind a speech that is igniting their sentiments against some enemy…

“Because of their extreme sadness, citizens are incapable to notice that the officials who are accused of corruption and of falling short are the same officials who are claiming via TV and radio channels that they wish to confront terrorism. These officials who will lead the country and the people in these hard times are ahead of us with their hypocrisy and lies while we are behind them with our fear and lack of knowledge.

“This elite is forgetting the fact that it has failed in some simpler tests and that its blabbering for the past decades failed to solve the crises but rather made them worth. We are thus still suffering from poverty, unemployment, and corruption as well as the lack of surveillance, and transparency. Democracy is distorted and there’s a massive flaw in the distribution of wealth. I don’t think that it will be possible to replace this elite with a clean and good one in order to confront the present changes.

“MPs who do not represent the people blindly accept the official directions by saying for instance that releasing Mohammad al-Maqdesi was a correct decision. But we all know that, if they’re asked to justify his arrest on the following day, they will do just that. The Salafist, Jihadist elements are racing to appear via the local media. The latter thus celebrates their condemnation of the martyr’s assassination crime. But on the other hand, the media reflects their acknowledgment of the Islamic State’s legitimacy and their praise for the heroism and history of its jihadists.

“In a desperate attempt at competing with them, the Authority’s clerics proceed to condemn extremism using a speech and a language belonging to the fourth century AH. We can this see that the two teams (the Salafists and the official religious institutions) have only a mere dogmatic difference with ISIL!

“Claiming that pluralism and freedom allow for the existence of these movements will turn out to be a repugnant joke one day when we discover that this pluralism was a cover for the violence inside us and the weapons that we hid under our clothes for a period of time.

“The sad paradox consists of the fact that Amman’s message was produced in two versions: the first version was created by the regime’s clerics and it implicitly considers the Druze, Ishmaelites, Christians, Jews and other sects as being infidels. While the second version falls under the same headline and has been produced by Al-Maqdesi. The latter adds only the Shi’is, the Zaydis, and some Sunnis to the lists of takfirism. Of course, his messages are no longer efficient when compared to the messages of his ISIL brothers.

“The State will lose much of its stature by promoting a dumb, radical, and obscure speech centered on the interests of one specific and narrow group; a speech that only works for launching attacks against the sects and religious groups and one that doesn’t express the war of a national state against one common enemy and under a specific and clear strategy.

“The people with the fanatic speech and their corrupt, failing and illiterate partners at the ruling club are the ones who are mobilizing us for our external battle. The worst part is that they are claiming to be leading the local battle against the radical forces all the while reiterating the religious speech and education. Can we believe that these people are actually flipping against themselves?

“The present developments proves that education in Jordan and the Arab states constitutes a complete structure for control by producing fragile generations both with respect to their knowledge and their ethics, and generations that do not believe in the state and the law. These generations rather join the state’s apparatuses for their own personal interests. When these interests ceased, 2,000 Jordanian nationals joined the [Islamic] State organization in the past two years.

“The security mind is running a failed war through its corrupted tools against our enemy and the enemy of humanity especially since no specific time and fashion have been designated for the end of this war. If we were to assume that they do win the war, we must accept a victory that masks their corruption, failures, and ignorance and one that will transform them into heroes in front of our pains and wounds.”

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