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TRANSLATED: Columnist in official Egyptian daily slams Obama, praises “Russian bear”

In today’s Daily Briefing from

On February 10, the Al-Ahram daily carried the following piece by Massoud al-Hennawi: “The visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Egypt sends several messages and has more than one meaning. Several presidents and leaders, mainly the American President Barack Obama, are closely monitoring this visit. Everyone now knows that Obama and his Administration are playing a silly game with Egypt and that he [i.e. Obama] has some hidden intentions. In the dark, he acts in a manner that contradicts the statements that he makes in broad daylight.

“The best proof of that consists of the scandal of the meeting between some officials from his cabinet and a delegation of the terrorist group [i.e. the Brothers] at the headquarters of the U.S. State Department. Washington tried to hide this meeting but the Brothers revealed it. Then, his country condemned the statement of the group when it was too late. In this statement, the group had called for carrying out violent operations prior to the latest Sinai operations that left ten dead victims. Finally, there are also the repeated and suspicious statements by some of his allies from western states as well as regional and international organizations. These represent a blatant interference in our internal affairs!

“Therefore, the American and western plot against Egypt is still on. They are just forced to deal with President Es-Sisi who blew up their plots and aborted their conspiracies thus costing them the opportunity of a lifetime to form a weak, divided Middle East where no one has any power except for their obnoxious Zionist ally. They are also forced to follow up on the events taking place on the land of Egypt with like mean wolves. Any positive development makes them feel bad and any scourge makes them cheer even if they don’t show us!

“With this mean, conspiring eye, Obama and his people are following up on the development of our relations with the Russian bear. These relations are now being crowned with Putin’s visit to Cairo and the signed treaties between our two countries and the final statement that will be issued today by the end of the visit. We wish for balanced relations with all the major powers and the countries of the world. However, I feel that there’s a hidden struggle – one that the politics and diplomatic norms have been masking – between the three leaders:

“- Obama who has no conscience and who is spreading chaos and working to control the world through injustice and double standards.
– Putin who is trying to restore his country’s role as a major power and its effect on the international arena.
– Es-Sisi who is working to build a young, advanced, and prosperous country with a reigning peace and a world free of evil and aggression.”


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February 10, 2015 at 5:36 pm

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