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TRANSLATED: Important news of infighting near Ersal, LB between Rebels/ISIS/Nusra

Translated in today’s Daily briefing by (free trial, a great piece in As-Safir… New element: the army of islam fighting ISIS in the Qalamoun region… a strategic opening for the LAF-Hizbullah alliance?

I love the opening line, one that should be repeated OFTEN in English language media, please:

 “Trying to guess what events are taking place at the Qalamoun caves and caverns is a quasi-impossible thing. The pieces of news coming from there are not sufficient to provide a clear image about the secrets held in those caves and caverns, secrets that might turn into balls of fire at any given moment rolling towards the surrounding barren areas and threatening of starting fires…

“Two surprising pieces of news emerged in the past two days representing a kind of breakthrough in the area stretching between Syrian Qalamoun and Lebanese Ersal. Recently, there has been an ongoing confrontation between the Lebanese army and Hezbollah on the one hand, and An-Nusra Front and ISIL on the other hand. As for the new and surprising part, this consists of the fact that other elements are now part of the ongoing confrontations there… The first piece of news consists of the announcement made by Zahran Alloush, the commander of the Army of Islam, via his Twitter account where he said that his fighters carried out “the first counter-attack in Ersal” where the “Army of Islam ambushed the ISILists who invaded their posts thus killing and injuring three of them and gouging out the eye of a fourth one.”

“…The degradation of the relations between An-Nusra Front and ISIL in Qalamoun is something that has been there for several months. However, the fact that the Army of Islam is now part of the scene and its surprising announcement concerning its presence in Ersal in addition to it launching a conflict with the Islamic State: all these elements represented an unexpected development. This might expand the circle of the dangerous possibilities in Qalamoun and the neighboring Ersal.”

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February 4, 2015 at 4:32 pm

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