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NOW: Part two of nasrallah speech on recent incidents


Speech notes from Nasrallah speech on January 30, 2015

[Note that I have done these notes with Ali Rizk who is live translating the speech via Press TV. These should not be taken as direct quotes nor should these notes be considered complete at all. Spell check when full item is posted]

There is no arab state in fact and certainly no arab state!

When the fighting is NOT involving Israel then the arab money and figures surface. This is nothing new. The experience of the gaza war bears witness to the absence of the arab league and money and weapons.

We witnessed the assassination in queneitra… Israel helicopters targeted two civilian cars. They were there on a field trip… these were our fighters. Till now the background has become clear. When by what they leaked, this decision was taken in the cabinet, pm office and the head of the Israeli opposition was informed because of the sensitivity. This means the enemy sat down, gathered info and esitamted the danger and then took decisions and then went ahead. It was an assassination that is clear.

That puts an end to what happened, although some analysts said our brothers lost their route etc. This is not true. What is true is an Israeli decision to target this group and it was made we don’t know when… the timing is not clear but the highest levels in the enemy made the decision. They were waiting for the hour of action and it came.

This was a public assassination. There is nothing suspicious.  Unlike Hassan Lakkis where ok I can admit there could be questions etc… and say why do you jump to this conclusion.

Here that weekend it was completely different and very similar to the operation against Abbas Moussawi [in 1992].

Sayyid abbas did not get lost. I am not trying to fill up time, I am saying this to reach a conclusion and issue a stance.

The Israelis did not claim the operation on the 18th – I think although the brothers may know better they are still stalling about total admission… there is a degree of stalling in admitting their responsibility. Maybe they thought we would not say the Israelis did it and hizbullah would therefore in light of the rules of the game etc would be in a tough position – we are confused and weakened, because of the situation in Syria.

Sometimes we feel bad for the writers of these analyses that they seem to feel so bad for us!

Maybe they thought we would avoid the issue and say they were martyred in Syria and that we would not accuse them.

Well on the same day we announced the names, and the name of the beloved [Iranian] general who deserves to be higher than a general.

To everyone – friend and enemies – when 50 martyrs fall we say their names and we are proud of it! When it is five we say it!

We announce the names – and this was the first surprise for the Israelis.

Imagine now there is a new situation… the killed know where they are going – but the killers now do not know what is next.

Lets go step by step now


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