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NOW: Nasrallah speech part three


Speech notes from Nasrallah speech on January 30, 2015

[Note that I have done these notes with Ali Rizk who is live translating the speech via Press TV. These should not be taken as direct quotes nor should these notes be considered complete at all. Spell check when full item is posted]

The Israelis said these people were not nusrah etc and they were going to put together launching pads in the area.. all of this involves the resistance in the Golan hieghts.

They assumed that there is some kind oif a resistance structure – a beginning – and they must strike early against it so it does not take root.

This is for the Syria people and opposition and the Lebanese people and the Palestinian people : let everyone take a look and think about this question. What is there on that border that it occupies? What exists in this 6-7 km in the occupied Golan?

We have Nusrah front – who has tanks and artillery and rockets who have all kinds of weapons and have anti tank weapons and huge amounts of explosives… and military fortifications.

Oh and lets remember – who is nusrah – it is on the blacklist of the usa and Europe and arab states – and it is the branch of Al-Qeada…. It has a huge military position between the Israelis and Syrian arab army.

Natanyahu and yallon the strategist does not feel any concern about this presence! They provide air cover and treat their wounded and they inspect and visit the wounded . Israeli feels no concern regarding those people. But it takes a big decision against two civilian cars who has young fighters in their with only their personal weapons…

If you want to forget Israel you can – other arab states – if you want to forget the Palestinian people you can… We cannot.

Wait and you will see our grandchildren will reflect this meaning in the future.

Israel assumed it would be in a state of loss, would not know what to do and would maybe hide…. There were many evaluations made about the strike.

There is a painful side to this – of course we feel pain and sorrow, I tell the families yes cry… there is no reason to not cry…. Sometimes far away from the cameras I cry like all fathers. This is a part of the media and psychological war, but away from the cameras it is different.

We view this catastrophe as being a gift from god – lets set our human feelings aside. Everything else is grace form god – for our cause and our region.

As here we always draw our lessons from karabala, from sayyida zeinab: how do you view what god did to your brother, what did she say…. I did not see anything but beauty. Those are a group who god said must fight and they went and did the task. The other group will be punished but look at the courage OF Imam Hussein and his families!

We say the same thing in Queneitra.

From the very beginning of the strike, there was a central for everyone. Will hizbullah respond or will it be silent… and if it does, when where and how and what will be the limits and the dangerous repurcussions of this response.

Wednesday we relieved all the experts to answer.

The bigger issue was amongst the Israelis… especially with the Iranian general, sending message by the media etc.

Israel was in a state of alert sending the iron dome to us in the north…. Leaving only one in gaza.

You found nothing in the north – they all hid and were afraid.

There were threats by other countries in public and private about what would happen etc to us and Syria about what would be done in the event of a counter strike.

Israel was all focused on one smile, stance – what will this party do?

The first achievement of the blood of the martyrs to be that from Sunday until Wednesday Israel was standing on one a half legs awaiting for hizbullah and Lebanon – not on two legs, but on one a half.

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