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NOW: Live blogging Nasrallah speech

Speech notes from Nasrallah speech on January 30, 2015

[Note that I have done these notes with Ali Rizk who is live translating the speech via Press TV. These should not be taken as direct quotes nor should these notes be considered complete at all. Spell check when full item is posted]

Quoting koranic verses – we made a promise to our martyrs.

Thanks for your participation in this ceremony to honor our martyrs.

Lays out the flow and order of his speech, which will be delivered in five parts.

Extends condolences to the families of the martyrs – they have been granted the highest level with god.

Congratulates the families of the martyrs – prays to god that he accepts from you the sacrifice.

Salutes all the people and resistance fighters around the world and in the region who have congratulated hizbullah on recent operations.

Salutes the work of the fighters who launched the operation – the cleanest and most honorable and most generous people.

It is our duty as we celebrate the martyrs of the resistance to stand with humbleness before the martyrs of the Lebanese army who were struck down against the armed terrorist takfiri groups and defended the bekaa.

Names the martyrs of recent operation in Quenitra

We express our sympathy and love for them – we pray to god that until our time comes to meet god, we will be committed to your goals and your cleansed blood. Brthers and sisters, this operation reflects the generational aspect of the resistance. These people reflect and show the continued presence of the fighters and commanders on the field. They reflect the affiliation of families as a whole to the school of jihad and martyrdom. Imad M. is but one example of this… Nasrallah names the sons and fathers of the other fallen martyrs.

Talks about the simultainoues funerals for a son and father – one of the oldest fighters.

When Netanyahu comes and threatens them, they say like one of Ali’s sons that death is normal and our dignity is for god.

Iranian blood mixed with lebanes blood in Syria reflects the commonality of the struggle.

When we were divided this was the era of defeats… now that we have mixed and are fighting and falling together we are in the era of victories.

Despite all the lies criculated in the media  and elsewhere, despite this we know that the resistance is fighting and falling at the frontlines of battle and the whole world cannot prevent them from meeting with their beliefs.

We are suffering from the tumor and bacteria of corruption that is Israel. It is a source of hegemony. Over the past few years it is now beginning to behave more like it used to in the old days – hegemony, corruption and arrogance.

In Palestine, it is also invading the west bank, it wages a destructive massacre in Gaza and it is violating the sanctities, and al-aqsa… and holds so many prisoners and does not grant the basic human rights.

Despite its occupation of the Golan, it is taking advantage of the situation and providing clear support to the takfiri push to destroy Syria and its army.

Israel by day hits army positions and by night users bombers.

Israel does not recognize 1701 and violates it every day. It bombs when it wants and assassinates when it wishes. Bottom line: Lebanon is always in danger.

They believe they can launch aggressions whenever they want. They think they can continue when they wish



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