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NOW: Final part of nasrallah speech – Israel-Nusrah cooperation is new Lahd, do not want war but are ready, whoile front is now open


Speech notes from Nasrallah speech on January 30, 2015

[Note that I have done these notes with Ali Rizk who is live translating the speech via Press TV. These should not be taken as direct quotes nor should these notes be considered complete at all. Spell check when full item is posted]

There was talk that iran would not want to derail the nuclear talks or Syria would be concerned… n, none accepted our blood to be spilt! I am just closing files here.

Let all the Lebanese know there is nothing here related to the Iranian nuclear negotiations – the presidency or the right the strike back – close this case. These are leabnese issues and iran respects this. Period.

The Israelis know now they are in a different reality. They talked about the least possible response etc…. because they know that the resistance is ready and capability. You know who knows the best! The Israelis themselves… their information tells them. This may be the blessing of some of the spies – the psychological warfare. Now the enemy knows we are capable of carrying out any scenario.

We took ten minutes to decide – the Israelis must be punished for the crime in Queitra. And also the Israeli arrogance must be put to an end – even if the situation reaches to the end. We then decided on the operational details.

We based our calculations on the worst scenario. The Israeli understood that any bullet fired now is ready to go further than anyone could imagine in the world. This is related to detteerance by which the events ended in shebaa farms

At Monday night they were at the highest level of alert. However, the resistance in the middle of the daylight and amid all this preparation took this decision and it means for them at their state of alert and all of their surveillance, they were not able to know what was happening from the beginning till the end of the operation. This is a message to our enemy to the friends of our enemies. Yes this is your resistance.

As a result of this operation – now we go to the stance – was they killed us in broad daylight we killed them in broad daylight.

Nasrallah emphasizes exact similar timing – they targeted two cars and we did the same.

Missles and missles – not an IED.. they launched from their shoulders.

There are two differences between us and the Israelis. The first is because they are cowards and not real men and do not fight except behind walls, they attacked us by surprise. But the men of the resistance and they don’t fear death they came face to face with the enemy. The second difference is the Israelis did not have the courage to claim responsibility but the resistance claimed responsibility in communication Number 1.

As a conclusion, the result now is all they got is dissapointement and we will get victory. Our fighters and in heaven and theirs are in hell.

It is our duty here to express my thanks and salute the mujahedeen and their leaders who from the beginning were working very precisely, and I must salute the heroic mujahdeen who carried out the operation…. I kiss their hands and their raised foreheads.

Now the conclusion and the stance.

The Israelis have now discovered – there are elections there – they discovered that their estimations were stupid although they introduce their experience not like peretz and olmert whose names we will forget.

These men of experience put their entity on the edge of the abyss…. They risked everything, and this assassination backfired and their will be more negative repurcussions. They are not capable to confront our battlefield operations. We defeated in 2006 and the people of gaza did it many times. They are easier to defeat than a spider web and it will always be as such.

The takfiri armed groups and especially those present on occupied borders are natural allies of Israel and the natural Lahd army [SLA] with the Israeli army.

After Mayadeen interview, I would like to stress something on every single word I said in regards to the confrontation with the enemy – you tried us the past week, do not try us again.

Number two and the most important message.

What is most important – for less than 1.5 hours I hope I end before then – if you ask me what is the most important sentence.

Translate this into Hebrew. This resistance is not deterred, it is wise but not deterred – there is a difference with the meaning of deterrance which implies being afraid.

This resistance is wise and not deterred – if they believe it is deterred and it is afraid of war – I say to this enemy, let this enemy be aware we are not afraid of war and we will not be hesitant to fight this war if it is imposed and we will fight to win this war god willing.

Let the Israelis not make mistake.

We do not want a war. Let me be clear. We were obliged…. We must differentiate between the two.  We do not want to got to war… Israelis listen very well – we are the men who bring about large victories with gods will.

I do not recognize the rules of engagement in fighting agressions or separting the battlefields – it is our right – our religious, legal and humanitarian right – even from the perspective of international law – it is our right to confront this aggression at anytime, place and in any form.

This issue of you strike us here we strike you there – this has ended! Where-ever possible it is our right to respond, anywhere.

They said after our strike – that he who did it will pay the full price. Allow me to look in into the details.

We were used to their land operations, commandos etc. You ask me what is the difference of laqqis and the quenitra martyrs…. What is the difference. This is a clear military operation that needs no discussion… the laqqis affair is difference although I swear the Israelis did it.

Should they hit any fighter of ours we will respond any time any place and in the manner we determine to be suitable.

War is one day for you and then against you.

I am sorry to take your time – the recent experiences are rich – this was not a tit-for tat – it is bigger than a confrontation and smaller than a war, yes.

We must draw lessons from it – at all levels.

Our brothers proved that they behaved with the appropriate national responsibility – they did not behave emotionally – the martyrs led us on the way forward.

The resistance itself is the response.

Peace be unto you.

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