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JPost gets it only half right: Main event in Nasrallah’s speech is the focus on perceived Takfiri-Nusrah-Israel dynamic

Just when nasrallah stopped speaking, this headline was published:

Al-Qaeda in Syria attacks Western-backed rebels

For me the main event in Nasrallah’s speech was the reference to the Nusrah-Al-Qaeda alliance with Israel – and how the dynamics of this relationship are shaping into a strategic threat for the Resistance Axis – a new “Lahd army” in reference to the SLA of occupied lebanon days.

Much more work needs to be done on this, especially by journalists…

Suffice it to say – look at the headline comparison: Nasrallah says they are fighting Al-Qaeda in Syria (and gaining in Lebanon from US intelligence and EU intel cooperation), while Nusrah is attacking US-backed rebels in Aleppo and elsewhere while, according to Nasrallah, Israel is actually deepening its alliance with Nusrah et al… and meanwhile ZERO mention of the main title of Nasrallah’s speech in the Jerusalem Post.

Yes indeed – much more work needs to be done on this explosive story IF IT BEARS out… and I stress if… since the UN report regarding Nusrah/rebel/Israel contact and the Israelis own accounts are not enough to put the pieces together.

That said, prima facie, the pieces look like they are there for an enterprising reporter to assemble. Who can touch this issue with enough political cover and who can get the facts straight?


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January 30, 2015 at 6:11 pm

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