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US & Arab Neo-LiberalCons not happy today: massive Israeli attack on Lebanon averted for now…

Ah today the pens are silent – for the moment – from the host of Neo-LiberalCons who were hammering away yesterday on how the Israeli response would hit Hizbullah, (hopefully) “teach” all of Lebanon a lesson…. how the Israelis were not willing to allow Iran to control the border, as the Obama admin supposedly wants/would allow, and how Hizbullah was about to finally face its final destruction.

Thankfully today, from those quarters there is largely silence since a massive war was not unleashed – with the disasterous moral and strategic consequences which are obvious for all actors, most notably the people of this region, Israel, the US and others.

Thankfully too, it seems the Obama administration played a key role in enforcing restraint on the Israelis.

Of course, until the war in syria is stopped, the dynamic leading to wider conflict will likely continue to deepen. So for all the folks yesterday who were so excited in DC, here and elsewhere… you folks may yet get the massive clarifying war which so many of you openly advocated for yesterday (and before).

Now for the US-Iran final deal – perhaps the best way to start bringing this war in syria to an end, as well as a range of other benefits.


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January 29, 2015 at 3:00 pm

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