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Which Western Journo in Beirut will tackle this explosive story/myth?: Israeli-Rebel coordination, including with Al-Qaeda

This is exactly the point when journalists need to prove their mettle and their usefulness in a challenging environment that is pushing the notion that we don’t need traditional journalists anymore (or cannot afford them): how true are the UN reports of Israeli-rebel contact and communication? The explosive angle of course is to what degree is Israel cooperating with the Al-Qaeda-Takfiri element in golan.. and beyond in syria (aligning with an enemy against a worse enemy i.e. hizbullah/iran)? How far do the UN observations go vis-a-vis military cooperation/coordination? And how is this being perceived on the other side?

And finally: Why have the contacts between the rebels – especially Nusrah front i.e. AQ – increased since last weekend’s strike?

There is not enough certain yet to echo or broaden the crude propaganda of Assad – or the more nuanced rhetoric of hizbullah – much less to undermine these claims… but something appears likely to be happening in the golan, and it certainly dredges up memories of the 1975-2000 occupation and invasion(s) by Israel of Lebanon.

This is where some good jounos should be looking right now.



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January 25, 2015 at 6:04 pm

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