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TRANSLATED: Focus on perceived Israeli attempts to create new security zone a la Lahd Army of yore

Translated in tonight’s Daily Briefing by… from the always entertaining, sometimes useful Ad-Diyyar:

On January 23, the Ad-Diyyar daily newspaper carried the following report by Yasser al-Hariri: “The security and political traps are still lurking over the Lebanese arena. The Arab and western intelligence services are still trying to play on the Lebanese arena to grab more cards and possibly use them at the right moment from Ersal to the North, and from the Jabal Mohsen bombing to the southern borders with the occupied Palestine. There, according to official and party-related pieces of information, the Israeli enemy is working on establishing a security belt along the borders with Lebanon and around the areas that are considered to be Hezbollah and Amal movement areas. The takfiri groups there will be used as sand bags under sectarian slogans that Israel will be using to ignite the Sunni-Shi’i strife from south Lebanon to Syria through the occupied Golan.

“According to March 8 sources, the issue is now quite clear. Israel wishes to revive the sectarian strife as per its well-known ways of the past decades. But the most important thing is that whoever deals with Israel has no identity, no religion, and no sect. This has been the case in Lebanon and in any other place that saw cases of political and economic agents of the Hebrew state. The sources stressed that the Golan will not represent a stage for these agents whether they belong to An-Nusra front or to any other military or security faction. These will be eradicated and Al-Quseir is still a witness to that playing with fire with the Resistance in Lebanon leads to the demise of the players.

“The sources stressed that the Resistance will not let Israel consolidate the demarcation lines with the Golan and that this project will be killed in due time whatever the human or financial price is because toppling the Israeli project of sedition among the Muslims is everyone’s duty; If they believe that the Ersal barren areas scene can be applied to the Syrian barren areas along the borders with Bekaa, [they should know] that this will never be the case and it will never be accepted.

“As for the Israeli entity, the sources believe that Israel will bear a direct responsibility in this regard and will be dealt with as being responsible for these groups in the Golan area. The international and western reports including the UN reports indicated that Israel is training and arming the takfiri groups in the Golan area. In addition, Israel itself keeps publishing scenes indicating that it is receiving the wounded takfiris and treating them. Some Syrian opposition figures such as Borhan Ghalyoun, Kamal al-Labwani and others are also indicating that they are willing to cooperate with Israel in order to get rid of President Bashar al-Assad and Hezbollah followed by establishing diplomatic relations with Israel “after accessing power in Syria” according to them.

“The concerned parties also possess documented pieces of information about the visits that some opposition leaders at the Syrian Coalition and the Free Army are paying to Israel where they are coordinating with them under the support of some Arab countries in addition to receiving some Israeli officers in the areas that are under their control.

“The sources said that, in light of all these things and others, Israel will bear the responsibility in the Golan and that the military, security, and political leadership in Tel Aviv is well aware of all the Resistance’s work since before the year 2000 and that the operations back then were not confined to the Lahad army but rather included the Israeli army troops on the occupied land of the Lebanese south then; adding that this experience will be repeated.

“The sources added that messages have reached Israel indicating that it is directly responsible for any such actions and that Hezbollah, the Resistance party, is ready to carry out the suitable resistance action against the Israeli army and its agents in the Golan. However, there will be no security and military belts in the Golan thus the statement on that the Qoseir experience might be repeated and Israel will have to bear the full consequences.

“The sources further indicated that these things will have some serious repercussions on the entire region rather than a mere limited geographical area. Everyone realizes the seriousness of the situation in the region, as per the sources. Things are no longer what they were prior to the year 2000. The developments in the Arab region and the attack that the Resistance axis has been under for more than four years now have modified the equation and the rules for managing war, peace, and calm. Therefore, in light of these developments, the region is open to all possibilities. The seriousness of this matter will settle the consequences and Israel must ponder these consequences.”


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