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Emerging major flashpoint in Golan around increased coordination between Rebels/Nusra & Israelis

According to one official here with direct knowledge of the matter, the observed coordination between Israeli forces and rebel forces, including with AQ franchise in Syria, An-Nusrah, have increased markedly in the Golan zone since the strike last weekend. This follows the pattern observed by the UN report late last year and, I would argue, is emerging as a major point of concern for Hizbullah et al.

This development is significant as Hizbullah is starting to hit on it more directly and forcefully – and I suspect Nasrallah will shortly when he speaks. The perceived Israel-Rebel alliance evokes memories of past such Israeli alliances (albeit the Israeli-Al Qaeda aspect is new and especially disturbing, even if one only believes the UN report observations, which do NOT speak to observed military coordination, but which seems quite possible)

As I said yesterday, we should at least consider now that perhaps the most effective Hizbullah-Iranian response might be against this possible alliance axis in the Golan zone i.e. don’t attack Israel with all the attendant complications and risks…. attack the forces that they are perceived to be aligning with in a containment/offensive effort to stymie and threaten and constrain Hizbullah and its allies. Cleansing the area would be a blow to Israel, in this view, and would allow for greater movement and power projection in the Golan, which is a major problem and red line for Israel of course.


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January 23, 2015 at 6:34 pm

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