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“Dahiye Doctrine” co-author in Israeli military still doesn’t get it: Broad attacks on Lebanon undermined Israel in 2006 war

Soon the main author of the “dahiye doctrine” – which holds that civilian populated areas supportive of Hizbullah are legitimate targets, and therefore that civilian damage and death in these areas is justified – will lead the Israeli army – Gadi Eizenkot. Today, we have the co-author Eiland saying this below in Monitor:

“Maj.-Gen. (res.) Giora Eiland, a former national security adviser, told me Jan. 19 that the mistake made by Israel in its prior round of fighting was that it agreed to isolate Hezbollah from Lebanon and only fought the terrorist organization, without harming the host state. Eiland said the next time Israel will need to make it very clear that any fire or terrorist attack coming from Lebanon will constitute a declaration of war of the Lebanese government on Israel and will be dealt with accordingly. Hezbollah must know that it can no longer light the candle on both ends and that Lebanon will pay a very steep price in the next conflagration…”

Of course – the great mistake Israel made early in the 2006 war was indeed widely targeting Lebanon and not just Hizbullah. In fact this approach ended up rapidly consolidating support FOR hizbullah, at a moment when the party could have been dangerously isolated!

Eiland thinks of course that not enough destruction was widely wrought – hence the dahiye doctrine… which will prove to be a moral and strategic disaster when/if Eisenkot gets to implement it.

Ironically – around same few days when Gadi Eizenkot will be sworn in as head of the army (feb 15) Hariri was killed in 2005 and so was Mughniye in 2008


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