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Hizbullah’s Nasrallah, pre-IAF strike, clearly relaxing his stance on Bashar and peace process in Syria

Unfortunately, we ran out of time tonight on Al-Jazeera;s Inside Story show, but I mentioned one of the main items that we need to keep in context right now when discussing the possibility of escalation and the liklihood of a Hizbullah response to the IAF strike: Nasrallah made a series of fairly unprecedented statements about Bashar, the regime and the need for a settlement process on Mayadeen last week.

Instead of those comments dominating, and instead of renewed focus on the mutual need for conflict mitigation in Syria among almost all actors, we suddenly have -yet again- a new, dangerous layer added to the syria conflict which will likely only deepen the conflict and create new aspects – and likely new, uncontrollable aspects (as happened in the past).

The strike also plays into the widely held view by Hizbullah officials which I saw pre-strike that Israel is deepening its coordination with Nusra front and other syrian rebel groups.

Taken together, these are the key takeaways from this weekend’s strike and the interview just before it – not the aspect of Nasrallah threatening reprisal, rockets etc – which are of course longstanding positions….

Ali’s pieces in Al-Monitor are the best here and here.


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January 19, 2015 at 5:27 pm

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