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TRANSLATED: Syrian regime said to be building major bunker facilities in Tartous gov.

This is not necessarily the most reliable report of course from the Qatari owned, UK based daily. However, it reflects a growing assessment that seems likely: the Syrian regime, likely together with Hizbullah and Iran should be building new facilities and hardening old ones north of Lebanon, near the stable regions of Tartous and Latakia, so as to give a greater degree of strategic depth vis-a-vis Israel especially, and secondarily, the various anti-regime formations. The Israeli strike deep in the north of Lebanon earlier this year was an indication of how far the Resistance Axis needs to and is stretching the lines of attack for the Israeli Air Force, among other objectives.


On December 12, the Qatari-owned Al-Quds al-Arabi daily carried the following report by its correspondent in Rif Latakia Alimar Ladhakani: “Militants in the city of Baniyas, which is affiliated with the Tartous governorate on the Syrian coast, reported that a few months ago, the regime’s bulldozers started digging a ramified path in the woods on the road of a village located near the city, while one of the engineers supervising the project said that a Scientific Research delegation came to them with Iranian experts and spoke about strategic tunnels for ballistic weapons, dug ten meters deep into the ground. Ahmad, a militant from Baniyas, said in exclusive statements to Al-Quds al-Arabi that more than twenty bulldozers were digging non-stop [under the supervision of] a group of engineers and workers from the Military Housing Institution.

“He indicated that when the bus he was riding came close to the project, “we could not detect, based on our preliminary sightings, what the regime was planning to do at the heart of the Syrian coast.” He added that the news circulating among the population was that a military barrack was being built, but no one has any information about its mission or with whom it is affiliated. [He continued:] “What is puzzling is that the regime has many posts there and a lot of brigades affiliated with many army units and divisions. Most of them are almost vacant, after the majority of their elements were taken to the hot zones.” For his part, D. K., an engineer in the regime-affiliated Military Housing Unit who is supervising the project, stated: “At first, we thought like everyone else that the regime was indeed building a barrack for an Air Defense brigade in the region.”

“[He assured:] “As an engineer, I merely implement the plans I have in my hands, without being entitled to inquire about anything. But I was surprised by the extent of the support given by the regime to this project, as it never insisted on the completion of a project so fast.” He indicated that the area allocated for the project had started to expand and include large portions of the surrounding woods, with each part separated from the other and without any coordination between the supervisors over each lot. He assured at this level that there were recommendations to keep the nature of this project a secret, knowing that these recommendations could reach the point of threats. D. K. continued that after a Scientific Research delegation came to them with Iranian experts and briefly talked about the building of tunnels, he learned after a lot of inspection the nature of the project.

“He added it was a project to build strategic warehouses for ballistic weapons, which can be detected from the relative size of some tunnels, which the engineers have already started to build, and from the depth of the holes that reach up to ten meters. [He assured:] “With these tunnels, they can protect most of the weapons in the event of a military strike, considering that the ammunition needed by whichever military strike to destroy these warehouses could be enough for an entire war.””


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