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There are third way options on Syria still – just as there were in 2011-2014

The best account – of only one – in terms of a way out of the false choice posited in the NYT article blogged on below: either arm the “rebels” and start a wider war with Bashar OR join the baby killer.

James Traub just wrote about it – from Nir and the HD folks…. although there is a lot along these lines.

One thing James overlooks in his piece in FP:  the overwhelming moral argument for stopping this war as soon as possible far outweigh a negotiated settlement with the Bashar regime – far.

He is right to finally throw it to the syrians themselves – instead of what Andrew Tabler in DC or any of the other pro-large scale/new war crowd. My sense is that there is a wide majority of syrian citizens who want this war to finally stop even if that means partitioning off from and then living in proximity with a “devil” as Traub headlines it.



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December 1, 2014 at 9:18 pm

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