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GIVE IT UP:Team O goes back in time to 3 years ago, drudges up failed policy of “transitioning” Assad

It won’t work – it did not work then and it has even less of a chance of working now…. a political settlement with Assad and Iran – i.e. a Baker-Hamilton 2014 – is the key, indispensable part of any possibly successful approach to ISIS and the region on fire.

The rationale from two years ago that I wrote about is similar in form to what it was when this was the approach years ago that was “hoped for” – albeit with some important shifts in the specific contents that make up the current balance of power.



Now officials and diplomats said Kerry has in recent months intensified discussion with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Russia about the possibility of a diplomatic tract to transition President Bashar Assad and his inner circle out of power, while maintaining large parts of the regime and institutions of the state.

Brokered Assad transition could take months

But any such transition could take time.

“It’s not going to be tomorrow and I don’t think anyone even believes that is physically possible. But even if it is a six or 12 month plan as long as it has an exit for Assad,” one senior Arab diplomat said. “But we are glad that we finally see a meeting of the minds with the US that there needs to be a rethinking of the strategy.”


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