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TRANSLATED: Report says ground push by Iraqi tribes+US SF+Jordanian SF imminent

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On November 11, the independent Al-Rai al-Aam daily newspaper carried the following report: “Well-informed security sources told Al-Rai that an imminent ground war is now a fait accompli between the Sunni tribes of West Iraq supported by elite military forces from the US-led Alliance against the Islamic State organization (ISIL). The sources revealed that the signs of this war are now clear through the security and intelligence coordination between the countries forming the Alliance and the Iraqi government in addition to a high level intelligence coordination between the countries neighboring Iraq since these countries are directly concerned with the events taking place on the Iraqi arena as well as the events on the Syrian scene.

“The sources indicated that the meeting between the Saudi intelligence head, Prince Khaled Ben Bandar al-Saud, and Jordanian Monarch, King Abdullah Ben al-Hussein, tackled the scenarios of a potential ground war to repel ISIL and the preparations for this war. The sources said that the Jordanian king and the head of the Saudi intelligence forces attended a military training of the Jordanian elite forces to see how ready these forces are. This could constitute a sign indicating that the Jordanian forces will be taking part in a possible ground war against ISIL.

“The sources recalled the speech of King Abdullah II last September in the presence of Jordanian officials where he insisted that Jordan supports the regional and international counter-terrorism efforts… The sources indicated that the speech of the Jordanian king might indicate that his country is ready to interfere on the Arab and regional levels if need be in order to confront terrorism represented by ISIL and other takfiri, radical groups. This was translated on the ground when the Jordanian army deployed two military units and a special force unit along the borders with Iraq.

“Interestingly, Jordan has been mobilizing the public opinion to be part in a potential war through multiple measures such as opening the door of optional enrollment in the army, summoning the Jordanian ambassador to Israel, making deals with the Jordanian tribes to control the actions of their members, and increasing the security pressure against “ISIL minded” individuals and ISIL supporters…

“The sources told Al-Rai that elements from the elite US. Navy Seals have arrived in Iraq. This unit had monitored and assassinated the late Al-Qa’idah head, Osama Bin Laden and carried out two successful operations against the ISIL leaders in Mosul and Al-Qa’em. This comes concomitantly with the arrival of the reconnaissance unit affiliated to the Jordanian and American forces to the Ain el Assad Base…

“The sources mentioned that another sign of the nearing of the ground war aimed at eliminating ISIL consists of the fact that the Iraqi government led by Haidar al-Abadi is arming the Sunni tribes in West Iraq. This comes following agreements made with the US led Alliance to confront ISIL in Al-Anbar and the governorates of West Iraq, which are inhabited by a Sunni majority. These tribes had not been armed or offered any military support during the time of former PM Nouri al-Maliki’s in power. The latter mainly relied on the regular army and the Shi’i militias allied with him to push ISIL and the other Iraqi Jihadist organizations back.

“Al-Maliki’s policies led to an appeasement between the Sunni tribes and ISIL, which allowed the group to enter their regions without any resistance on their part and the fall of large areas of Iraqi lands into the hands of the ISIL forces. The sources revealed that the ISIL leadership has now adopted a new strategy to communicate with its military bases that are deployed in several areas in Iraq and Syria in bracing for a potential ground war. All forms of communication via landlines or mobile phones have ceased and decisions are being communicated via “postal trustees” who deliver secret pieces of information directly through trusted individuals.”


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