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Released Jihadist theoritician-in-chief Makdissi re-arrested by Jordanian secret police

One wonders why in the world the Jordanians and likely the Americans thought it was a good idea a few months ago to release Abu Qatada and Makdissi at virtually the same time. Did they really think it would help the anti-ISIS cause?

A really ridiculous approach. But now, they’re going back on it. Of course this whole approach is a part and parcel of the larger Gulf-led approach, endorsed for quite some time by the US and others, which has actually bolstered the kinds of forces that are pushing the ISIS effect forward – whether knowingly or unknowingly (or sometimes both).

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On October 30, the Qatari-owned Al-Quds al-Arabi daily carried the following report by its Amman office Chief Bassam Bdareen: “The arrest and accusation of Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Makdissi in Amman heralded the beginning of the collapse of a theory, which presumed that avoiding the exertion of any pressures on the supporters of An-Nusra Front among the Jordanian Salafis could be beneficial when it comes to the sympathizers with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Al-Makdissi, who is the most prominent theoretician of the Salafi Jihadist movement in the Arab region, and not only on the Jordanian scene, was summoned by the security authorities last Monday, arrested and informed of a new charge, for which he will soon be prosecuted. The charge is related to the use of electronic channels to back up and support terrorism.

“The official action against Al-Makdissi was undertaken after he posted a strong statement, in which he insisted on describing the international coalition against ISIL as being a “crusade,” thus going directly and confrontationally against the official compass. Prior to that, Al-Makdissi had informed Al-Quds al-Arabi he was summoned by the security authorities and asked not to deliver any statements or fatwas, neither with nor against ISIL. Later, and while he was hosted by Sheikh Omar al-Othman, i.e. Abu Qatada, who had just exited prison, Al-Quds al-Arabi asked Al-Makdissi directly about the regional developments from a Jihadist point of view, to which he said he did not wish to talk at this stage. Clearly, when Al-Makdissi issued his last statement and posted it on his website “Al-Menbar” [The Platform], he knew in advance he will likely be arrested or was planning on exiting the silence he was pressured into.

“What many do not know is that the sympathizers with ISIL among the Jordanian Salafis were accusing Al-Makdissi of having sealed a deal with the Jordanian authorities, resulting in his release more than two months ago. Practically, Al-Makdissi’s presence in prison counters this accusations, especially since he clearly said to Al-Quds al-Arabi he differentiated between the “remarks” over the actions of the Islamic State organization on the religious and behavioral levels, and the crusader position against Islam and Muslims, assuring he could never support the coalition even if he had remarks over the behavior of the Jihadist forces… Through the arrest of Al-Makdissi, the official message to all the Salafi Jihadists is clear, saying that the authorities are prepared to face any Salafi activist that could use religious expressions in criticizing the international coalition, in which Jordan is considered an essential side on the regional level. [for more, request a demo via]


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