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NYT casually mentions: The Chinese SAMs ISIS uses were originally provided by Saudi allies+Qatar

What even this NY Times article fails to mention – although this is far for them in stating what has already been widely documented – is the provision of advanced weapons to syria groups VERY early on circa fall/winter 2011, including to outright terrorist groups like the more warm and fuzzy Nusra front and the less warm and fuzzy ISIS. Still a nice little caveat finally acknowledged by the NYT at the BOTTOM of their story.

“…Since at least late 2013, however, the Islamic State’s forces in Iraq appear to have acquired more sophisticated antiaircraft missile systems, including the Chinese-made FN-6, originally provided by Qatar and possibly also Saudi Arabia to Syrian rebels.

In the images purporting to show the shooting down of the Iraqi attack helicopter, on Oct. 3 in Baiji, the militant, a scarf wrapped around his face, is wielding a Chinese-made FN-6 missile system — apparently the first documented use of the weapon by Islamic State jihadists in Iraq, analysts said….”


This, of course, is a result of what some of us were writing about in 2011 and 2012: I wrote in  May 2011 here in full: “…As a result of this idea vacuum, the Neo-LiberalCon tsunami grows by the day, publicly eschewing armed, Libyan-style intervention (although, given past statements, it is likely the neo-con wing privately hopes for this), and instead posits a policy by powerful external actors that would accelerate Syria’s internal contradictions and pressures to the breaking point.

One essential problem with this formulation is that the result, especially for the people of Syria, will likely be even worse than the kind of civil war that obtains to this day in Libya. As one Syrian activist who crossed into Lebanon casually told a Western reporter earlier this month, he could contemplate the need for sacrificing the lives of 2-3 million Syrians for freedom….”

Then later I wrote this here in the New York Times: “In Syria We Need To Bargain With The Devil”


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