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Hizbullah deputy head meets UN Syria Coordinator: Says “painfull concessions” needed by all sides…signaling eventual partition?

Naim Qassem’s public comments in meeting with his old contact De Mistura from the UN is significant. It signals that Hizbullah wants to prepare its constituency for a deal in Syria that cuts out Nusra and ISIS but perhaps, perhaps, leads to some kind of “transitional” partitioning with the other rebel forces. The reason why I would argue that route is that Hizbullah and Mistura well know that there is almost ZERO chance at this point of a kind of mixed government, transitional government where there is any modicum of power sharing. Syria ruled by the Assad family (primarily) is fundamentally different from the Lebanon of the 1980s that eventually could find a sectarian and communal power balance that had international backing from all sides. It is highly unlikely this formula could be found in the current civil war in Syria. That means one route: partition of some kind and a mutual opposition/fighting with those forces branded by almost all outside actors as “extremists.”

From jean aziz’s column in al-monitor:


The “painful concessions” refer to the regime’s acknowledgment of the opposition as a partner in governing and acknowledgement by the opposition and those supporting it that the current regime is their partner in Syria.

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October 27, 2014 at 6:34 pm

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