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Fears growing about An-Nusra front reversing course, tilting towards ISIS

To be expected as the coalition strikes continue and also target Nusra directly. The real question is which US allies are still backing Nusra, which media continue to refer to them as somehow “moderate” and not as bad as ISIS…. and when an open alliance will be struck between ISSI and Nusra? More bad press for Turkey, Qatar and possibly Jordan?

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On October 24, the Qatari-owned Al-Quds al-Arabi daily carried the following report by its correspondent in Antakya Hazem Salah: “Numerous signs emerged recently at the level of An-Nusra Front’s practices in Syria, thus provoking fears among most of those following the Syrian revolution. Indeed, these practices pointed to the prevalence of the “brothers in the methodology” principle, which is brandished by the followers of Salafi Jihadist ideology around the world, over the interests, fate and future of the Syrian revolution. Hence, affiliation with Al-Qa’idah organization, which is not limited by any geographic borders that are not recognized to begin with, is nowadays casting its shadow over An-Nusra Front, after years of fighting the Syrian regime on Syrian soil and An-Nusra’s entering into the hearts of most of the Syrians.

“This [sympathy] is due to its high combat abilities and the fact that it acted as the spearhead in many decisive battles in the history of the Syrian revolution, in light of its organization that was not reached by most of the factions that stemmed from this revolution. An-Nusra Front, stood alongside the Syrian factions in the face of ISIL, and was the most deceived by it and subjected to mass murders committed by its elements in Eastern Syria… The confusion in An-Nusra’s policy towards ISIL is clear, knowing they are two factions from one school and that they share many references. In addition, many among An-Nusra’s elements sympathize with ISIL, a thing which cannot be denied and has led to the weakening of the central command of the organization, after each Emir started to adopt his own policy in dealing with ISIL and downplayed the central command and decision that characterized An-Nusra…

“Today, there is a fear of seeing An-Nusra tilting in favor of ISIL, especially after important posts in it were surrendered to individuals known for their extremist positions that converge with ISIL’s. This increased after the assassination of the moderate Syrian leaders in An-Nusra and their replacement with Jordanians for the most part. But the worst development was the launching of the international campaign against ISIL, which provoked wide sympathy in its favor and pushed many members of An-Nusra to call for joining ISIL, knowing that some already did that without waiting for the command. The truce initiative between the factions in Syria, which was launched by the Salafi Jihadist Ansaruddin Front – that does not belong to Al-Qa’idah according to its statements, although most of its fighters are non-Syrians… – featured ceasefire between ISIL and the Islamic factions, in light of the international campaign on the Jihadists’ positions in Iraq and Syria.

“Most of the theoreticians of international Jihad blessed and signed this truce, including Abu Muhammad al-Makdissi, Abu Qatada the Palestinian and Al-Muheissni among others, knowing that the majority of the signatories were not Syria. At this level, An-Nusra’s acceptance of this initiative, its recognition of the fact that ISIL is a Mujahid faction and that An-Nusra should stand alongside it, is a dangerous sign, which in addition to the previous signs, points to An-Nusra’s possible pledging of its allegiance to ISIL, a thing that would threaten the future of the Syrian revolution, especially in the Syrian South where An-Nusra enjoys a presence that is not to be taken lightly.”


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