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Main foriegn jihadists fighting in Syria come from Tunisia, the only “success story” of Arab revolts

As some of us having been warning for at least three years, the main bulk of foreign fighters in the Syrian Pandoras Box which we’ve created with our allies are coming from peaceful, “no history of political violence” Tunisia. This will eventually have major blowback in Tunisia which has essentially no standing army, no weapons in civilian hands and TWO borders where there are active insurgencies and strategic depth/safe zones.

Very sadly for tunisia, it seems like “just a matter of time.” Of course a number of violent sunni jihadist groups have also said publicly that Tunisia is a MAIN target given that it is the only success story in the arab revolts – and its ostensible “birthplace.”

Remember Mona Yaccoubian’s idea of a “controlled collapse” of the syria regime in the fall of 2011? And Peter Harling’s version of this which he started proffering so early – not to mention his statement in the fall of 2011 that there was “little” the international community could do to bring a political settlement in the fall of 2011 – and that, famously, the regime was in “SLOW MOTION SUICIDE…”






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October 16, 2014 at 4:39 pm

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